Cow to decide the election results of Uttar Pradesh

What are the reasons for other states to determine the results of the parliamentary elections? But it is the cow to decide the election results of Uttar Pradesh but Only Cow to decide the election results of Uttar Pradesh

Last two years ago, Yogi Adityanath was born. After being sworn in as Chief Minister, he was banned from non-licensed beef stations operating in the state. In fact, ‘unlicensed’ is nominal. Otherwise all the beef shops were closed.

Only Cow to decide the election results of Uttar Pradesh

And what to do with the cows? Farmers sell only the cows that are standing. Can not sell it? “To maintain a bull, it costs 5 to 7 thousand monthly

If you give that cow milk, you can spend on that income. How can cattle continue to be spent on stalled cows? Prior to this, we would sell the cows wearing milk. Now no businessman can buy cows by the custody of the cow protector

Driving in the exit of the vehicle has become even more dangerous. So, what’s the way we have other than to leave the street? “

Now the problem is that the cattle are being abandoned by the farmers. Fifty cows are wandering in all parts of UP. It creates a variety of hardships in rural areas and urban areas

No cropping is left out of the tree. The crowds gather in the crowd and eat the crops, wash them, and kill the cows. Farmers have been waiting for the fields of silver in the shadow of the day.

Cow to decide the election results of Uttar Pradesh

Vishwati Ashok Kumar who belongs to the village of Sanvara in the middle of the Yamuna River between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

His job is to protect the field from time to time. Then, in the second shift, this 65-year-old dad is doing the job all night 
” Knight can not close a pottu’s eye. The meeting will come and kill people, “says the 65-year-old.

In January, the villagers locked up 14 owners of cows that destroyed their farm fields and locked them in a local school. The police came and filed a lawsuit with 14 persons in jail. After a day’s imprisonment, everyone was released on their own bail. In the same January, four peasants were killed in different places where the bulls hit farmers who were driven out by the cows in the field.

Thus, these cattle have ruined the rural farming, ruined relief, plundering the economy and created new conflicts among the people. The cows will come and destroy all the plans that make the wheat harvest in mind. The wallet is still wasted and has to borrow again. Farmers struggle to hear that the cows’ cattle will have to pay the banks to set up a fence around the field.

In fact, all those affected by these cows are ‘Hindu’ farmers. Until so long as cow cows are called ‘gomata’, they are now throwing a stone or jack in the hands of a cow’s vaccine to vacill the harvest. They are cursed by bad words.

“Before this, the cows will come to the Muslims and come to the meat shop. But now, Yogi Adityanath created a situation where we should smash our livestock with a lattice. Sometimes we create a fire with kerosene and drive cows. What else do you do If we behave like this, our crops will be ruined. Then my child will be starving, “says Mahaveer Singh, a resident of Mazarpura village in Madhapur district of Uttar Pradesh.

” Every farmer we see the cows crumbling. Adiathayana is preventing the sale of ‘cows in the stalls’. But now the peasants do that too! Whether we like it or not, we sell our oldest cows. There will be cash flow. There are many farmers who ask, “Nimmathiya.”

Though the government claims to have set up 10 thousand garrisons across the state, there is no real number of reports. The existing shops did not reduce the intensity of the problem. 
These cows, which run over the national highway and express highways between different cities, often cause traffic congestion and accidents in UP. As the vehicle is rapidly coming in, suddenly the cow’s crowd tries to lure motorists and lead to bad accidents. Last March alone, there were 35 accidents in Lucknow-Agra Express Road.

The Department of Agriculture has been washed away by saying, ‘This issue is not related to our industry.’ The veterinary care department has said, ‘There is no rule in the field of our industry to maintain the cattle worn on the street.’ ‘Is it our job to drive the cattle that are causing traffic in the road and disposing of the cattle that are in the road?’ That is the traffic police.

Overall, the ban imposed on beef shops is a huge hurricane. Farmers, especially UP’s rural vote bank, have been on the side of the BJP in the last two elections. Now they have no choice but to turn against the opposite.

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