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Vasthu rule of land shape | Important Guide of Plot shape

Vasthu rule of land shape, Important Guide of Plot shape

-Forms of the mansion that Vastu refers to In today’s environment where the value of a home is rising, many consider the need to make full use of the land purchased
When deciding to buy a Residential Plots, it is important to look at its shape
The reason is that by purchasing spaces with irregular lengths of property!, it is possible to use a certain amount of space when using the Vastu Shastra

Vastu rules help repair unused areas

Vastu rules help you to somehow repair unused areas
However, such a tuned area may be a separate entity rather than the entire structure of the building. These problems are most likely due to the high market value The square land system that Vastu refers to Important of Squre land

Vasthu refers square is the first standard

According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the place of a square is the first standard
The north or south views of the square on the four sides with the right sizes indicate the female character
Vaastu notes that its inhabitants tend to be gentle, engaged in art or aesthetic.
In the square, the east or west orientation of the courtyard refers to the male character
That is, its residents are decisive in their decisions, are in charge of public sector or private enterprise leadership, and are important to society The rectangular land system that Vastu refers
Vaastu notes that the rectangular molds are secondary Rectangles are either twice as long, twice as wide, or twice as wide
There are also two types of east – west and south – north lengths Of these, the east-west lengths are considered male
The place is said to be the home of all the efforts of men. The south-north lengths next to it are considered to be female It is said that all the things that women put in place can bring good success
Homes are usually square or rectangular with a rectangle, more than three times the width
Circle, semicircle, more than four angles, oval shapes,
different sizes on all four sides, and be careful in choosing different shapes
If you need to buy a land or place of random size in an unavoidable situation,
you can buy the relevant land or place based on the possibilities and advantages of architecturally adjusting them

The shapes of the mansion that Vastu refers to are circular

Vastu notes that the circular space is not suitable for housing The reason is that the bidirectional forces are unlikely to work together
That is, the corners of the eosanium, the actinium, the azimuth, and the nirruthi are not designed, and are curved
So that the Panchayat forces are spread out in equal measure and there is no chance of positive wave movements in the dwelling house
But Vaastu experts have suggested that playgrounds, parks, temples and public buildings can be built in a circular fashion
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